#188: Maggie Pugesek – helping you improve your phone skills

Improve your phone skills – we know that the phone has made a comeback as a key business communication tool over the last 18 months or so. In this episode telephone coach Maggie Pugesek shares some great thoughts and ideas around how you and the people in your business can improve their phone skills both for incoming and outgoing calls.
Maggie offers insights around call practice, those crucial first five seconds and how to ensure that training sticks.
If you use the telephone as a key sales tool than this is a really good use of 25 minutes of your time.
Maggie’s top tips are:
Record your calls because they will help with getting better but they will also identify how your company is receiving calls in particular, which is especially important given all the marketing investment and activity you’ve probably done to get people to call you in the first place.
Set your goal and then work backwards to create a process to utilise the phone to help you achieve your goal
Have a mirror in front of you when making calls.  You can check your level of enthusiasm and how you use your voice.
Find out more about Maggie’s telephone training at CandMCoaching.com

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