Deliver a Better Presentation with Limor Bergman

Deliver a Better Presentation with Limor Bergman

Have you ever thought how you could Deliver a Better Presentation?

One that engages your audience, flows well, doesn’t rely on slides and has a powerful, action inducing ending?

How to Deliver a Better Presentation is the conversation I’m having on this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast with Leadership Coach and Mentor Limor Bergman who shares some great tips and ideas to help you Deliver a Better Presentation.

Limor runs LBG Consulting Services and helps women in tech with their leadership skills, including presentation skills.

Limor has worked in the tech industry for more than 20 years.

Here are some of Limor’s tips to help you Deliver a Better Presentation

  • Focus on delivering a presentation for your audience and make sure the start of your presentation engages your audience and leaves them wanting more and listening to you throughout
  • Use stories to ensure the presentation flows, even if the topic seems boring
  • Make sure if you use PowerPoint that the slides help with the engagement of your presentation, so minimise the number of words on each slide
  • And when you get to the end of your presentation make sure your audience understand what it is you want them to do next

Limor’s top tip is to practice – find opportunities, even with your colleagues, where you can practice delivering a presentation

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