Communicate with Courage when Presenting with Michelle Gladieux

Many people find that it can take a significant amount of courage to deliver a presentation to effectively communicate with courage when presenting.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Michelle Gladieux helps listeners communicate with courage when presenting by sharing the four hidden challenges that can often prevent you from delivering a presentation or indeed delivering a great presentation and how to overcome them.

Michelle Gladieux is author of Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges and President of Gladieux Consulting, a Midwest-based team known for top-notch design and presentation of seminars in communication and leadership topics around the U.S. She provides executive coaching and facilitates strategic planning for clients in diverse industries, in governments, at non-profits, and in academia.

Her students (whether in introductory public speaking or graduate-level organizational psychology courses) benefit from her deep commitment to helping others grow as communicators. She’s worked as a Corporate Human Resources and Training Director in the cold storage, robotics, and construction industries and enjoys visiting conferences as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. She’s served on several boards of directors including the National Public Radio affiliate in her hometown for more than a dozen years. Michelle has mentored thousands of people and her positive effect on those she advises is evident even after just one interaction.

After sharing the challenges Michelle’s top tip for listeners to implement when they next present is to ask a friend or a co-worker who witnesses the presentation to share afterwards one thing that you as the presenter did really well and one thing that you could do better.

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