7 Quick Sales Wins

7 Quick Sales Wins

To celebrate 5 years of podcasting I’m sharing in this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast 7 Quick Sales Wins

The first episode of this podcast went live on February 25th 2018.

In those early days there was no pattern to when the podcast came out, all episodes featured just me and were quite rangy in their business subject area.

After feedback from my podcast mentor – Pete Matthew – from episode 20 the podcast came out every Monday and was re-branded as ‘The Sales and Presentation’ podcast.

My first ‘guest’ was Claire Boscq-Scott  on episode 79, I had met Claire at the London Business Show. 

In 2020 and after 119 episodes a second re-brand happened and the show was renamed ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ the idea being that if you deliver a better presentation you are more likely to be successful, and in business that often means more sales.

Here’s a quick summary of the 7 Quick Sales Wins:

  1. Call current customers
  2. Be curious – ask big questions
  3. Respond quickly
  4. Make it easy to buy from you
  5. Give buyers time to buy
  6. Surprise & delight customers
  7. Know when to shut up!

This is episode 254 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast –  the previous 253 episodes are available on your usual podcast app or you can listen and download them on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast page

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