#104: Brian Burkhart of Square Planet shares his top presenting tips

Are you looking for some top presenting tips?

Top presenting tips that will help you become a better, more confident, more successful presenter?

Brian Burkhart created his business Square Planet in order to help business professionals communicate more effectively and to maximise the opportunity a presentation offers. Brian has a book called ‘Stand for Something’ and he also hosts the Square Stories Podcast.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Brian shares some top presenting tips that will be useful to everyone who is a presenter and speaker whether you are someone who is about to embark on their first ever presentation or you are a seasoned presenter looking to continually improve the way you present.

And Brians top tip? Leave your first slide on screen for at least 75 seconds. That way the audience can engage with and focus on you not your slides!

Here is the link to Brian’s website: Square Planet

And to his book on Amazon: Stand for Something

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