Turn your Networks into Sales with David Connors

Turn your network into sales.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking to David Connors co-founder of The Swarm about how to turn your networks into sales through leveraging relationships.

We all have networks more so than we may realise so how do you turn your networks into sales?

We talk about the importance of human relationships and the trust that they can create and how trust is vital component of sales success.

Our conversation revolves around how The Swarm works in terms of connecting you with potential customers via the networks that you have.

The key is the warm relationship that is being created between each contributor including of course yourself and importantly the person who may be making the connection for you.

In a sense a replication, but on a global scale, of the relationships that you create for yourself when you do things such as in person networking.

David talks about how important it is to nurture your existing network and that that will help you turn your networks into sales.

You can connect with David on LinkedIn

And you can find The Swarm

David’s two top tips for listeners to immediately implement :

Understand and map out the relationships that you have

Understand the importance of human relationships

This is episode 311 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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