#185: Time to use your brain to get better results from virtual meetings, presentations, pitches etc…with David Roddick

Business and your Brain – what’s that about?
David Roddick is a career sales leader who now specialises in helping businesses and their sales teams and sales managers understand that the human brain and the way we use it to interact with clients along with recognising that the emotions that those interactions generate can be the difference between sales success and failure.
Which means linking Business and your Brain can produce some great results.
David particularly focuses on the need to understand that different behaviours and approaches are needed when we are having virtual meetings, presentations, pitches in comparison with the ones that we are doing in person.
The neuroscience is quite fascinating and David reminds us that when it comes to presentations and pitches aligning common interests with our audience prior to the pitch or presentation is a factor towards success as is turning the pitch/presentation into a storytelling exercise rather than the clicking through of a deck of slides.
David’s top tips:
Arrive early on to a virtual call and use that time to make the small talk work for you in terms of exchanging similarities
Don’t rule out lunch meetings – particularly with prospective and current clients who you would ideally like to work with or do more work with. Have a plan for the lunch though.
You can find out more about David here: Kinzler.com.au

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