Use your voice when presenting with Susan Murphy

Use your Voice when presenting – it can make such a difference to the outcome.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast broadcast voice coach Susan Murphy shares tips, advice and ideas to help you use your voice when presenting.

Susan has years of professional voice lessons, on-air experience and teaching in the broadcast sector and works with TV anchors and reporters to help them ensure their storytelling is pleasant to listen to. Using the same principles Susan shares in this episode how you too can use your voice to make your presentation or pitch more pleasant to listen to, whether that be in person or online.

As Susan says if you elevate your voice you potentially elevate your career.

Susan emphasises how important it is to use your authentic voice but to use it to the best you can and she shares some tips and ideas around how to breathe, how to lower your shoulders and how to use the power of the pause.

Susan also shares a great practice idea which is to record yourself then playback at high volume but listen to yourself in a different room. Try it and see how it benefits you

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Susan’s top three tips to conclude the episode were:

  • Instead of thinking you’re nervous about your presentation, try instead to think you’re excited about your presentation
  • Don’t forget that if you drop your shoulders it will help you with your speaking voice
  • And finally don’t underestimate the power of the pause when you are delivering your presentation or pitch

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