Turning Conversations into Sales Opportunities

Turning Conversations into Sales Opportunities – this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast was inspired by a customer focused session I delivered for a high end hotel.

Hotel’s don’t employ salespeople, they employ receptionists, guest hosts, bartenders, restaurant teams, spa teams etc….

But in this scenario everyone is a salesperson and everyone is a marketing because every time they have any interaction with a guest that is all part of the overall experience for the guest.

So have those conversations and think about Turning Conversations into Sales Opportunities

My five-step CROPS sales model starts with conversations which lead to the development of relationship which creates opportunity which leads to a proposal which hopefully leads to the sale

And when you do have conversations ask great questions

Don’t ask how’s business? or are you really busy?

Instead ask questions such as what is the biggest challenge facing your business right now?, what plans have you got for new revenue streams?

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