#196: Top Business Tips from 2021’s podcast guests – part 2

As 2021 draws towards a close I’m sharing the top business tips shared by great guests in 2021. Part 1 of Top Business Tips was episode 195. Here are the top business tips from guests in the second half of 2021:

  • Michael Reddington from Inquasive – Stop listening to ourselves and start listening to customers – every interaction gets us closer to the outcome we are seeking.
  • Simon Trevarthen – Elevate Your Greatness – Think in 3’s when sharing ideas via a presentation – start with 15 to 20 seconds of silence – put some passion and belief into your presenting.
  • Shawn Rhodes – Bullet Proof Selling – What could I have done differently now the meeting is over and I know in hindsight how it was going to run? What should I have known about the company in advance of the meeting?
  • Stormie Andrews – What is your definition of Success? – How many half built bridges have you got in your business?
  • Tyler Foley – Don’t be afraid of public judgement remember you are there to share your expertise and your audience are there because they want to learn from your expertise
  • Tom Smith – Miller Commercial – Sharing questions that you should ask if you are taking on premises
  • Alex Goldfayn – Focus on targeting existing customers and grow business by calling them when they are not expecting you to call
  • Scott Miller – Marketing mess to brand success – loads of tips and ideas – thinking is a legitimate business activity and the key to success is the relationships between the people in the company
  • Anne Marie Cross – Is your personal brand positioning yourself as the trusted authority in your sector? Is it making you influential rather than invisible?
  • David Roddick – Kinzler – Arrive early on a virtual call and make the small talk work for you
  • Maggie Pugesek – C&M Coaching  – identify how your company is receiving calls in particular, which is especially important given all the marketing investment and activity you’ve probably done
  • Terry Begue – Believe in yourself and build trust
  • Mark Cox – In the Funnel – Keep adapting and keep learning – take control of your career
    Hold yourself accountable – create a plan for your success and then share it with your bosses – Before the start of 2022 take some time off to get recharged and re-energised
  • Anthony Coppedge – Management has two key goals: 1) To remove obstacles that are getting in the way of sales teams of sales teams; 2) help sales teams and therefore salespeople succeed in their soft skills and career arcs. Leadership inspires and provides a Span of Care to provide growth opportunities for everyone

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