Selling in tough times with Chet Lovegren

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Chet Lovegren aka The Sales Doctor shares tips and ideas to help you with your selling in tough times.

Chet believes that if you are blaming the economy for a lack of sales growth you are missing a big opportunity as you are convincing yourself there’s nothing you can do to make sales happen. There is and Chet shares ideas and insights for selling in tough times.

Why do companies stop investing in sales coaching or training time and money when things get tough? Isn’t that the time their salespeople need most help? 

Chet also shares his thoughts on sales training and how archaic some approaches remain to something that is so vital to sales success.

We also talk about sales leaders and Chet identifies the differing traits between great sales leaders and the not so great, the latter often being those who got promoted because they were the best salesperson and they continued to think unless they keep selling targets won’t be hit.  

Chet is the founder of The Sales Doctor and hosts The Sales RX podcast

You can find Chet on Linked In  

Chet’s two top tips based on empathy to you with selling in tough times:

  1. Salespeople understand what your customers are going through. Talk to them.
  2. Sales Leaders avoid the disconnect between what you think your team wants and what they actually want. 

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