Don’t Show up and Throw up when Sales Presenting with Barbara Spector

Don’t Show up and Throw up when Sales Presenting with Barbara Spector

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking to sales force retention and development expert and speaker Barbara Spector about avoiding show up and throw up when sales presenting

Barbara is the founder of Smart Moves and a member of the National Speaking Association

We talk about why if salespeople simply Show up and Throw up when sales presenting they make it so hard for themselves when it comes to winning a sale for either a product or service

Barbara’s sales training is based on a six-month blended learning program that aims to change the mindset of those who take part

There is a focus on body language and facial expression but one of the keys to sales success is to ask compelling questions and in so doing being curious

This will give the buyer an opportunity to share information in terms of the answers to the questions that given the right salesperson mindset will create sales opportunities

And that is why if you simply Show up and Throw up you will find it hard to engage your audience whether that’s on a one-to-one or one to many basis

When it comes to speaking at an event, which according to Barbara is one of the best, if not the best, ways of attracting sales, Barbara suggests that you take time either the evening before or in the run-up to your speaking presentation to talk to the audience and the stakeholders and then use what you have heard from them as the first couple of minutes of your speaking presentation

That technique will help you engage your audience because you may well name check some of them and it will enable you to have a confident start

You can find Barbara at

Barbara’s two top tips for listeners to implement straightaway are:

Make sure you have that connection with your audience before your presentation or speaking opportunity

And think when you are having that sales conversation curiosity, curiosity, curiosity because that will encourage you to ask those key compelling questions the answers to which are likely to offer up a sales opportunity

This is episode 306 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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