The Sellers Journey with Richard Harris

The Sellers Journey with Richard Harris

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking about The Sellers Journey with Richard Harris

We talk about the Seller’s Journey and the buyers experience.

Richard shares some great insights and tips that will help all salespeople, especially when it comes to asking great questions and ensuring that the buyer does more talking than you the salesperson.

Richard is great at sharing examples of the sort of questions that you could ask as a salesperson – so be sure to tune in and make a note of them – they will all be very helpful for you on the seller’s journey.

He shares the Seller’s Journey NEAT model:

  • Need
  • Economic Impact
  • Access to Authority
  • Timeline

And provides steerage on how to follow this model but also to be flexible within the model

You can connect with Richard on LinkedIn or call him on 415 596 9149

You can find Richard at

And click here for details of Richards book The Sellers Journey

Richard’s two top tips for listeners to implement straightaway are:

  • Firstly at the end of a first meeting ask ‘ Who is the most sceptical person on the team and what are they most sceptical about?’
  • And secondly something comes up that the buyer suggests your competitors have offered to do simply ask them ‘How important is that to your decision?’

This is episode 308 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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