Get your presentation off to a flying start

In this episode I share some tips on how to get your presentation off to a flying start.

If you get your presentation to a flying start it will help you engage your audience and importantly make them think the rest of your presentation will be worth paying full attention to.

There are  some things that won’t help you get your presentation off to a flying start including:

Telling jokes, talking about yourself and how great you are, rambling, putting an agenda on the screen, turning up with the lots of A4 notes…..

So if you want to get your presentation off to a flying start here are four things you could do:

  • Share a big stat – that is relevant to your audience
  • Start with a headline statement
  • Tell a short story or anecdote
  • Introduce a prop delivering in-person or a poll if delivering virtually

In all cases start slowly and use your voice to emphasis keywords and if you are using slides keep that first slide on the screen for the first minute or so to help the audience engage and focus on you rather than your slides.

That will also help you when delivering in person focus on eye contact with the audience not with the screen!

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This is episode 313 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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