The 5F Sales Leadership Framework with Todd Caponi

The 5F Sales Leadership Framework

Todd Caponi is an acclaimed author, speaker and sales leadership professional. He is CEO and founder of Sales Melon, teaching company sales people and leaders and creator of the 5F Sales Leadership Framework.

Todds latest book is The Transparent Sales Leader which challenges long-held sales leadership standards and provides an easy to implement framework for today’s sales leaders – you can find out more at

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Todd shares an overview of his 5F Sales Leadership Framework for Maximising Revenue Capacity

The 5F’s for sales leaders to follow are:

  1.  Focus – particularly around priorities and in-depth understanding
  2. Field – ensuring the right team with the right tools and the right resources is in place
  3. Fundamentals – ensuring the sales team have the right skills particularly in presenting, qualifying, negotiation and sales process execution
  4. Forecast – been alert to the data and revenue numbers, the trends affecting them and forcing the future where possible
  5. Fun – ensuring that the sales team enjoy what they are doing and then feel as though they are being micro managed

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