How to design Impactful Powerpoint Presentations with Emily Schneider

How to design Impactful Powerpoint Presentations with Emily Schneider

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking to expert Powerpoint designer Emily Schneider on how to design Impactful Powerpoint Presentations

We’ve all sat through un-inspiring and frankly quite dull presentations where the slides are inconsistent, full of words and with no real flow

That is why how to design Impactful PowerPoint Presentations with Emily Schneider is such a great podcast episode for you to learn from

Emily is a strategic visual storyteller and during this episode she will guide you through tips, advice and ideas to bring your presentations to life and make them far more impactful and captivating

Emily will talk about slide intention, the best use of text visuals and she will emphasise how important consistency and simplicity are when designing a presentation slide deck

It’s a great conversation and anyone delivering presentations will benefit from tuning in and listening to what Emily has to say

You can find Emily’s website here 

And on LinkedIn

Emily’s top two tips are as follows:

Slide intention – make sure you have no more than two or three points per slide and that you use the text sparingly

Ensure consistency across your presentation in terms of colours, fonts, charts etc…

This is episode 309 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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