Sales Communication, Psychology and Humour with Joe Ingram

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Joe Ingram aka The Sales Genius shares tips and ideas to help you with your selling as we talk about the best Sales Communication styles, Psychology and Humour

Understanding the best Sales Communication styles, Psychology and Humour can be key to sales success so we talk about sales communication styles and how important it is to ‘match and mirror’ your client particularly in terms of the speed of communication style.

Joe offers some great insights into sales training methodologies and he talks about ‘Edutainment’ – combining Education and Entertainment in the sales arena, particularly when it comes to training which lets face it can often be predictable and not have a lasting impact.

We explore humour and how that in itself can be a powerful sales tool – it is one of the best sales communication styles

Joe is the founder of Ingram Interactive and hosts The Sales Genius podcast

You can find Joe on Linked In 

Joe’s two top tips:

  1. Check your ego at the door. See if you can have 5 conversations without using the word ‘I’.
  2. Investigate your prospect as much as you can and offer 3 options for every step along the sales process.

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