Understanding Buyer Personalities and Styles with Nancy Zare

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m talking to author, speaker, consultant and psychologist Dr Nancy Zare about understanding buyer personalities and styles

Nancy is known as The Sales Whisperer and is the creator of the Alikeability system and is a past president of the National Speaking Association in New England

And the author of several books including Compelling Selling

Whether you are presenting, pitching or having a one-to-one customer or potential customer interaction understanding the personalities and styles of your audience and adapt into will significantly increase your chances of success

Nancy talks about how she can get a feel for people by just looking at their websites, their social media photographs and their posts

This is a truly fascinating episode as we explore how understanding buyer personalities and styles can be a huge benefit to someone who is pitching or presenting or undertaking sales interactions

Nancy’s two top tips for listeners to implement straightaway are:

Become an active listener, show real interest in your comments

Use the language of your prospect, use their words when you respond

I briefly also asked Nancy about a couple of tips would be speakers and she suggested that it is ‘Terrific when you are Specific’ and that the ‘Riches are in the Niches’

This is episode 305 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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