#172: Taking your business listening skills to a new level with Michael Reddington

Listening skills in business. How good are your listening skills in business? In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Michael Reddington shares with listeners  some great tips and ideas around how listening skills can help you get better results in a variety of business situations. Michael works with companies and individuals sharing with them via his company InQuasive ‘The Disciplined Listening Method’

Michael talks about moving your audience from resistant to commitment about how leaders need to focus on vision and influence and how salespeople need to be more patient because if they listen carefully prospects and customers will constantly provide clues that will help create sales opportunities.

Michael concluded by offering three top tips:

  • Get control over our internal monologue so stop listening to ourselves and start listening to what our customers are saying
  • Secondly be conscious that every interaction has the potential to get us closer to the outcome we are seeking
  • And thirdly let the conversation come to you

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