#170: 4 ways to start a stand out ‘Elevator Pitch’ when you go networking

How to start your Elevator Pitch

Networking is a great opportunity so here are some tips on how to start your elevator pitch.

How often when you go networking do you hear someone start their elevator pitch by saying: my name is….I’m from….we do….and we’re different because…….
I’m sure you hear that all the time
Indeed is that how you start your elevator pitch?
So in this episode I’m going to share with you 4 ways to start your elevator pitch which will be different to everybody else and therefore help you stand out:

  • Question – how many of you…….?
  • Stat – did you know…….
  • Topical – did you see…….
  • Observational– have you noticed how……

The trick is to say these things as the first things you say so don’t be tempted to say my name is and I’ve got a big question for you – go straight into the question or the stat etc…

You can then bring in yourself later on and  don’t forget if you are doing this virtually your name will be on the screen anyway.

So remember to prepare, to practice and then to follow-up anyone shows any interest in you based on your new exciting elevator pitch

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