Become a better salesperson

Become a better salesperson

6 top tips to help you become a better salesperson:

Be proactive – don’t want things to happen make them happen – call customers, create opportunities, get involved, comment, network, self-market.
Be better prepared – do your research on current and prospective customers, prepare the questions are going to ask, think about the concerns your customer might have.
Deliver better virtual presentations and sales pitches – now is the time to get better this standout in your sector, your industry, your organisation
Be better at listening than talking – know when to shut up – too much talking will drive your customers away
Offer Alternatives – buyers love to make decisions so if your proposal or pitch is essentially one product or service you are giving them a take it or leave it decision –  give them 3 options
and as a bonus tip:
Remember to value yourself – you are a valuable asset to your customers, your company, your colleagues and yourself and don’t underestimate how important you are in the sales process

Ready now to become a better salesperson?

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