#198: 5 Business Goals and Challenges for 2022

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast host Trevor Lee shares with listeners 5 business goals and challenges for them and their business in 2022.

To make those 5 business goals and challenges happen you will need to be proactive, you will need to avoid distractions and you will need to avoid moaning about resources you don’t have and instead focusing on making the most of the resources you do have.

The 5 business goals and challenges:

  1. Half Built Bridges:  This was driven from episode #175 with Stormie Andrews and the challenge is to take one of the projects or ideas that you started in 2021 and didn’t complete and make it happen in 2022 but on a grander scale so turn it into a big hairy audacious goal or BHAG
  2. Product/Service Offering Review: Have a good look at what you are offering and identify those products or services that you are investing time and money into which ultimately no one is really purchasing and then get rid of them
  3. Customer Review: Identify customers that bring you low revenue but are high maintenance and make a decision to disengage with them.
  4. I’ve Always Wanted To: Aim to do that in 2022 – it could be speak at a conference, write a blog, use video on LinkedIn, start a podcast, be a guest on the podcast, write a book … which ever one it is focus on making it happen in 2022.
  5. Communicate Better: A very simple way of being better in business is to communicate better so pick up the phone rather than send an email that can be misinterpreted, check the consistency of your marketing communication messages across various platforms, in sales calls stop talking and start listening and generally have a communication strategy that focuses on stop selling and start helping.

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