How to be a better communicator with Katja Schleicher

How to be a better communicator

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast speaker and speaking coach Katja Schleicher shares tips and ideas to show you how to be a better communicator

We talk about intercultural communication which is a increasingly important business skill given that  online interactive communication has given lots of businesses a new view on where their markets exist and where prospective clients could be.

Katja also shares advice and ideas around leadership communication which as we know can make a significant difference to a company’s level of success and the development and retention of its team. Included in this Katja talked about being flexible on adapting formats as a way of avoiding the term ‘meeting’ as well as the need to create an emotional connection, and the importance of being  relevant and transparent.

On her website Katja refers to humour when presenting and speaking and in the podcast episode shares some thoughts and ideas around how to use humour without the need to tell jokes!

For would-be speakers Katja suggests focusing on the numerous daily opportunities that occur to speak through the delivery of internal and to a degree external presentations by treating all of them as a keynote and thus preparing well and practising and learning from each speaking experience.

For would be professional speakers Katja emphasises the need to become recognised in a niche area and view pro speaking as a performance rather than the delivery of a keynote presentation.

Katja’s top tips to be a better communicator:

Before you start assess your state of mind and read the room

And listen to how others talk and present that makes them behave memorably

And finally four questions when you are presenting:

  • What should the audience think?
  • How should the audience feel?
  • What you want the audience to do?
  • And if someone wrote a review of your presentation what would be the headline?

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