#193: 4 ways to get better at selling with Mark Cox

4 ways to get better at selling – how about that for a sales challenge for 2022?

Mark Cox is this week’s guest on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast sharing 4 ways to get better at selling

Mark shares the 4 things you can do to ‘sell better’

  1. Value proposition message – what we do, why should potential customers care about it and what is our competitive differentiation
  2. Prioritise the pursuit of our targets – combination of new clients and existing clients taking new products or services from us
  3. Create demand – take control of your own demand generation and ensure that there is consistency crossed all channels – you might need 11 to 12 touch points before someone reacts positively to you
  4. Make sure that your sales process aligns with your potential customers buying process and that you have a sales strategy or gameplay – effectively build a business case to help the customer say yes to your proposition

There you are – 4 ways to get better at selling.

Mark concluded the recording by sharing 3 Top tips which you can implement straight away and make part of your journey to selling better as such become more successful:

  • Keep adapting and keep learning – take control of your career – don’t wait for someone else to tell you about a training programme that will help you get better – make it happen for yourself
  • Hold yourself accountable – create a plan for your success and then share it with your bosses
  • Before the start of 2022 take some time off to get recharged and re-energised so you’re ready to go full steam ahead and keep the momentum going when 2022 kicks off.

Connect with Mark through in the funnel.com and via his LinkedIn

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