Business and the Laughter Man – Pete Cann

Business and the Laughter Man

This episode is about bringing together Business and the Laughter Man who is Pete Cann

Pete tells the story of how he became the Laughter Man after attending a festival and discovering almost by accident Laughter Yoga.

During the episode Pete will get you laughing, he will also explain the benefits of laughter to you and your business, and how a laughter yoga session can help with creative thinking business planning.

Laughter can be contagious and in business sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, and when we do laugh and humour comes into the situation think about how it makes us feel, and how it can enhance our relationships with customers and potential customers and if we are doing presentations with our audience.

Laughter doesn’t need to be about telling jokes, indeed Laughter Yoga has got nothing to do with telling jokes.

Pete offers 30 minute Laughter Yoga sessions on Zoom as well as one-to-one sessions.

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Here is a link to Pete’s website where you can also find details of his event speaking and his podcast:  ‘Laughter and positivity with Pete’

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