The A-Z of Presenting in 10 keywords

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast I’m sharing with listeners The A-Z of Presenting in 10 keywords.

So here its is my view of The A-Z of Presenting in 10 keywords:

  1. Audience – so crucial its for them not you
  2. Confidence – how to have it
  3. Jargon – avoid it!
  4. Learning – keep getting better – watch and learn from others
  5. Pause – the power of the pause
  6. Rehearsal – take it seriously
  7. Slides – best use of – don’t inflict Death by PowerPoint!
  8. Timing – don’t overrun and how to time the delivery of a key point
  9. Voice – such a powerful  presenting tool
  10. Zoom – you need to be good when presenting virtually

There you go The A-Z of Presenting in 10 keywords – follow those 10 keywords and implement the notes that go with them which you can listen to on the podcast and your presentations will be fantastic!

This is episode 310 of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast

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