Present like a Pro

Present like a Pro

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast (number 290) host Trevor Lee shares tips and ideas to help listeners present like a pro

To present like a pro means you have to:

Engage your audience from the very beginning and keep them engaged throughout

Educate your audience by sharing ideas, information, data etc…that they are unlikely to be aware

Enthuse your audience – have them wanting to take action, do what you want them to do, say yes to buying or moving to the next step

Entertain – no need for fire eating or juggling or joke telling but aim to deliver a presentation your audience enjoy and will find memorable

To present lies a pro you also need to:

  • Prepare Intensely
  • Be clear about who your audience is, what they are expecting and why you are presenting
  • Have a structured plan that flows
  • Include only content that adds value
  • Run on time
  • Take practice seriously

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