Offer Incentives not Discounts with Marco Torres

Offer Incentives not Discounts

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast Marco Torres from share tips and ideas to help you avoid giving discounts and instead offer your customers tangible added value in the form of incentives.

Marco is going to explain how you can make incentives work for your company regardless of the size of your organisation and he’s got a great offer as well if you want to try out the incentive programme that his clients use.

Marco’s three step plan for you:

  1. Stop undercutting yourself – stick to your prices – don’t discount
  2. Offer a high value incentive you don’t personally have to fulfil
  3. Wow your new clients and customers

Marco’s two top tips to finish the show were:

Stay thirsty for knowledge – if you are going to continue to be successful in business you need to keep learning

Look at all the processes the you have that are the same all the time and look to either automate them or outsource them or potentially both

Here is a link to the Marketing Boost website

And here is a link to the offer of utilising Marco’s products for $1 for 30 days

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