#75: The 7P’s of Presenting – Part 2

Purpose, People, Preparation, Planning, PowerPoint, Performance and Practice. These are the components of my 7P’s of presenting model and in this podcast episode I share with you the final three – Powerpoint, Performance and Practice. Here is a brief summary of each of the P’s:

  • Purpose – What are you hoping to achieve?
  • People – Who are you presenting to and what are their expectations?
  • Preparation – All the logistics – Equipment, Time, Venue etc…
  • Planning – The structure – Big Start, Key Messages, Rousing Finish
  • PowerPoint – Slides, Words, Props, Images, Videos, Templates etc..
  • Performance – Delivering your presentation – overcoming nerves, using your voice
  • Practice – The key to success! Practice tips and techniques

If you have the chance to do a presentation this autumn don’t waste it in the way most people do. Following the 7P’s formula will ensure that you have every opportunity of delivering an awesome presentation that will achieve your objectives whether they be winning a new customer, motivating and inspiring your colleagues, attracting investment etc…

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