#177: Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking & Delivering Presentations with Tyler Foley

The fear of public speaking – do you have it?

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is what Tyler Foley will help you with in this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast. Tyler began his performing career at a very young age and 10 years ago having retired from being a performer and working in the health and safety industry he almost by chance became a keynote speaker.

Tyler is a regular speaker at conferences and events and in this episode he shares how to overcome stage fright, which as we all know many people suffer from when they think about doing a presentation. Tyler turns this on its head by suggesting that although most people think they are afraid of public speaking what they are really afraid of is public judgement, that their audience will think that they are no good.

Tyler reminds us that we are there is a speaker because we are the experts in our field and the audience is looking forward to as sharing our expertise with them, they want us to do well as a presenter because that will be better for them.

Tyler concluded the episode by sharing a couple of top tips to do with networking suggesting that instead of going networking thinking it’s a great way to find new business go on the basis that it’s an opportunity to look for strategic partners people that will benefit from working with you and  who in turn will be of benefit when you work with them, including sharing contacts and recommendations and Tyler also suggested that in your 30 to 60 seconds introduction or what is sometimes known as your elevator pitch that you begin by focusing on pain point rather than talking about yourself, something that you will have heard in several episodes on this podcast so good to get it confirmed by someone such as Tyler

Tyler mentions his book: ‘The Power to Speak Naked’ and here is the link to acquiring by pre-ordering (if you read this prior to Sept 7th 2021) through a local bookseller: https://bookshop.org/books/the-power-to-speak-naked-how-to-speak-with-confidence-communicate-effectively-win-your-audience/9781631954450

Here is the link to Tyler’s website: https://www.seantylerfoley.com