Marketing shouldn’t be difficult with Tim Fitzpatrick

Marketing shouldn’t be difficult according to Tim Fitzpatrick of Rialto Marketing. Tim specialises in working with professionals and entrepreneurs in the business to business sector helping ensure marketing shouldn’t be difficult by creating the right marketing plan.

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Tim and I had a great conversation around how identifying your ideal client and then being consistent in your message impacts all aspects of your marketing activity including your presentations, speaking opportunities, your LinkedIn activity and potentially the way you use video and podcasts.

You will get great value from Tim in this episode and a huge amount of food for thought when you reflect on what you’re doing at the moment.

Two of Tim’s key outcomes from having a really good marketing plan are that you end up working with customers you love working with and you get to where you want to go faster – which of us doesn’t want to achieve both of those?

We talked about marketing metrics and Tim was keen to suggest that simplification is a way to maximise those metrics. So focus on:

Defining what a lead is and then monitoring how many leads you are creating

Secondly establish the source of the lead – and the easiest way to do this is to ask the potential client

Thirdly look at your conversion rate of genuine leads to actual customers

Tim’s top three tips for listeners to implement straightaway are based on asking these questions:

  1. Who do we love working with?
  2. Who are our most profitable clients?
  3. Who do we get great results for?

And then dig deep on those clients and look at the demographics and psychographics to find commonalities and then interview them and ask them:

How did they find you?

What do they love about working with you?

Why did they choose you?

What problem have you solved for them?

What benefits have they gained from working with you?

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