Double Your Sales with Bimal Shah

What would it be like to double your sales?

And double your sales in a year.

Bimal Shah helps turn entrepreneurs into pioneers enabling them to leap forward by implementing  and delivering three year business plans in just one year.

As a pioneer, author, results leader and speaker Bimal has a three stage platform for business people to use from his thrive DIY version through to transform using one-on-one coaching and transcend by being part of the Pioneer platform community.

During the episode Bimal will encourage you to think big, to think beyond where you are today and thus think like a pioneer. He shares five things that every entrepreneur can do now to help double their sales including:

  • Targeting a better market
  • Creating a customer list and then recognising that you might need between seven and 25 different touch points to start the customer conversation
  • To leap forward by going backwards
  • To identify the gaps and then looking at who, what and when is needed to fill those gaps
  • And then to have a weekly sprint meeting to ensure the plan stays on track and on timescale

As a speaker Bimal also shares three top tips for those who deliver presentations:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Understand your audience and ‘three victories’ they want to take from your presentation
  3. And always ask for feedback and then separate the useful from the useless!

And finally one of the challenges we all have in business is converting insights and ideas into actions so Bimal suggests you create a simple two sided list on a single piece of paper listing on one side the insights and ideas and on the other side the action and agreed timescale for the turning insights via implementation into action

You can download Bimal’s resources at The One Year Breakthrough website

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