Can regional media sell more local advertising?

I think it can and here are six ideas to make it happen even though hardly a week goes by without a newspaper group or company reporting significant declines in advertising revenues, especially in print.

And it’s a competitive world. There seems no end to those keen to secure advertising spend from local businesses whether it be highly targeted magazines, leaflets, sponsorship, digital screens, commercial and community radio, poster sites, cinema, transport, and of course the ad platforms run by the digital giants : Google ad words, Facebook ads, Instagram and Twitter ads etc…

For the local business who doesn’t have an advertising expert it can be a daunting experience being bombarded with calls and emails from would be ad sellers, many of whom have a ‘fantastic offer’ that is ‘just right for their business’.

So how can ‘traditional’ regional media companies differentiate themselves from all other players and re-establish themselves as the turn to place for local advertisers?

For six ideas to help regional media sell more ads  please click here : Can regional media sell more local advertising?