Is your marketing keeping up with your customers?

One of the challenges for all companies, regardless of size, is trying to ensure their marketing keeps up with customers.

The world is ever changing and so are the buying decision making processes and marketing response patterns of individuals, groups and businesses.

Small to medium sized businesses, regardless of their in-house marketing resource, will find a quarterly review which challenges all current marketing activity really useful. To help you here are some of the questions to ask at that review :

1. Who right now are your potential customers? – i.e who are you trying to reach with your marketing messages and how has that changed in say the last 12 months?

2. Where are you currently investing your marketing money and are you confident that these places are the still the right ones to reach your potential customers? – it is very easy to continue on doing the same old marketing using the same old mediums.

3. What is your current marketing message? Is it the right one for your company today and will potential customers understand it?

4. Are your marketing messages consistent across all the mediums you use? – including website, social, email marketing, advertising, printed materials, signage etc…

The key ultimately to marketing success is having the right message reach the right people at the right time.

A regular quarterly marketing review will help save you time and money by identifying marketing activities that are working / not working and as such those that need either eliminating or reducing and those that need starting or increasing.

If you need help kick starting this I can facilitate your first quarterly review and on the back of it I’ll create for you, if you haven’t got one, a simple 4-5 page marketing plan.

I’ll also come back six weeks after the review to see how you’re doing and help you prepare for the next review which you should be able to do for yourself.

To book your Marketing Review and Plan and take the first steps to ensuring your marketing is keeping up with your customers simply call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via