How often is your marketing activity reviewed?

Your marketing activity review – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually or Never?

For most businesses who don’t have dedicated high level marketing resource the answer is usually never.

Which means the ads run, the website functions, sponsorships continue, the newsletter goes out, someone does some occasional tweeting and facebooking, the leaflets and flyers get re-printed, but potentially without any real consideration as to what the real purpose of all your marketing activity is.

A robust review should ideally happen once a quarter with the following questions being asked:

1. Where is our marketing money being spent?

2. Are our marketing messages consistent across all the mediums we use?

3. Do we know which marketing is generating enquires / responses / leads?

4. Does our marketing reflect our company?

5. Are we buying marketing because we think it’s ‘a good price’ or because it is reaching our customers and potential buyers?

6. Are we getting the best deals from the marketing we are buying?

7. Based on where we want to be as a company what changes to our marketing do we need to make to help us get to where we are going?

The key ultimately to marketing success is having the right message reach the right people at the right time, and not just every so often but all of the time.

A regular quarterly marketing review will help save you time and money by identifying marketing activities that are working / not working and as such those that need either eliminating or reducing and those that need starting or increasing.

If you think this is a good idea I can help you kick start it by facilitating your first quarterly review and on the back of it I’ll create for you, if you haven’t got one, a simple 4-5 page marketing plan which acts as a reminder of what you decided you should be doing when it comes to marketing.

I’ll also come back six weeks after the review to see how you’re doing and help you prepare for the next review which you should be able to do for yourself.

To book your Marketing Review and Plan and take the first steps to getting more from your marketing simply call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via