#70: What type of Presenter are you?

Here is a brief summary of the 8 types of presenter:

  1. Slide Reader – basically reads from the slides which are very word heavy
  2. Print Out Reader –  very similar to the side reader but instead of bringing slides reads from the printouts for each slide
  3. Slides out of Sync –  this is the presenter who focuses so much on the notes they forget to click the slides through so very soon the slide on the screen has nothing to do with what they are talking about
  4. Let’s make this a Meeting –  the person who thinks the presentation needs to follow the same structure as a meeting – the giveaway clue here is when their first line is headed up ‘agenda’
  5. Get me out of Here –  the presenter who can’t wait to finish the presentation – they tend to go very quickly and don’t have a summary
  6. The Corporate Video –  the presenter who thinks that showing a three-minute corporate video at the beginning of their presentation will be the best way to engage their audience
  7. The Woffler / Time Over-runner –  person who just keeps going, labouring and repeating stuff, then suddenly looking at their watch and realising there are already 10 minutes over their time
  8. The Star Presenter –  the one who engages the audience from the beginning, delivers an educational and entertaining presentation, runs on time and delivers a rousing call to action finale