Top 10 Presenting and Sales Tips

I’ve had some fantastic guests on the Better Presentations More Sales podcast in 2022 – I’m sharing with you 10 top Presenting and Sales tips that those guests have shared.

10 top Presenting and Sales tips:

Sam Thiara (ep. 201) : Find opportunities outside of business to be a speaker.

John’s Crazy Socks (202) : Make the most of what you have

Laurie Gilbertson (203) : Deliver your conclusion in such a way that you generate the same engagement energy at the end of your presentation as you do at the beginning

Bimal Shah (207) : Always ask for feedback at the presentation and then separate the useful from the useless

Dan Fraser (210) : Have just one idea per slide

Rueben Schwartz (213) : Highlight in green that is about the prospective buyer, everything yellow that is confusing or jargon any and everything in red that is about you

Izzy Zobacz (217) : Create an easy emotional atmosphere for your audience so that they can feel that they trust you and visualise what it will be like working with you

Katja Schleicher (230): If someone wrote a review of your presentation what would be the headline?

Michelle Nedelec (240) : Think about where you want to be in six or 12 months time and who can help you get there

Kim Sorrelle (244) : Make sure that the content of your presentation is designed for your audience

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