Say it Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

Say it out loud with Vasavi Kumar

If you want to believe in something, particularly to do with yourself, then Say It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

On this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast I’m joined by Vasavi Kumar who specialises in helping people find a space and opportunity to Say It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

This is a high energy fast paced episode during which Vasavi shares tips and ideas to help you convince yourself that you can do whatever it is you want by overcoming what she describes as the ‘itty-bitty shitty committee’ that exists in your head telling you that certain things aren’t possible

Indeed the headline on Vasavi’s website is:

You can get anything you want

You just need to say it out loud

Vasavi advocates talking to yourself in the mirror indeed her top tip is to look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘Who am I at my very best?’

The same principle applies when trying to be confident enough to record yourself on video because as Vasavi suggests what’s the difference between talking to a mirror and talking to your iPhone?

This is a high-energy episode which I hope will encourage listeners to be that high-energy person themselves and use the concept of Say It Out Loud to go off and do things particularly in the presenting and sales arenas that they may currently try their very best to avoid

I know that when I launched my 44@60 campaign back in 2020 it seemed hugely daunting but the more I talked to everybody about it, and the more I shouted about it the more I believed that I could achieve it, which I did.

You can find out more about Vasavi’s offerings, including a Say It Out Loud group programme starting in August 2022 and her Say It Out Loud book due for launch in Spring 2023 via

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