Sales Skills and Sales Kick Offs with Rana Salman

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Rana Salman CEO of Salman Consulting shares thoughts and ideas around sales skills and sales kick offs as well as the future of sales.

Rana specialises in sales strategy, sales process and sales training to improve sales performance, reduce ramp-up time and decrease sales cycle length thus linking sales skills and sales kick offs.

We talk about the sales skills sales people have had to learn in the last three years, why they need to practice those skills and why they need to keep learning and continuing to improve in order to stay ahead of competition through self awareness and learning from each other.

We also talk about the skills sales people will need in the future whilst recognising that people buy from people.

For more information about developing sales skills and sales kick offs you can find Rana on Linked In and here’s the link to Salman Consulting

Finally Rana’s three top tips for salespeople to implement straight away:

  1. Always be Prospecting
  2. Build your Social Presence
  3. Put the customer at the centre of everything – think them, not you

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