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Better Presentations - More Sales Podcast

Presentation and Sales skills are key to business success.

Tune in to pick up tips, advice and techniques to deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations and sales pitches, as well as everyday sales interactions from an array of global guests.

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The podcast started on Feb 25th 2018 and we’ve now passed 300 episodes and are well into our 7th year! 

David Weiss - Key skills for sales leaders

Donna Griffit - How to pitch to potential Investors

Michelle Gladieux - Communicate with Courage

William Buist - Become a masterful speaker

Nairn Robertson - Active Teams drive Success

Limor Bergman - Deliver Better Presentations

Ann Carden - Present yourself better on Linked In

Steve Weinberg - Make your Presentations Memorable

Mark Carpenter - Storytelling and Presentations

Kim Sorrelle - Speaking and Presenting Tips

Michelle Nedelec - Sales and Marketing Strategies

Don Colliver - Professional Clown to Key Presenter

Brenden Kumarasamy - Be a Top 1% Communicator

Katja Schleicher - How to be a Better Communicator

Todd Caponi - the 5F Sales Leadership Framework

Susan Murphy - Use your Voice when Presenting

Pete Cann - Bringing laughter to your business

Izzy Zobacz - 4 steps to audience connection

Vasavi Kumar - Say it Out Loud

Lisa Laporte - Use Podcasting to Grow Sales

Simon Trevarthen - 'Elevate Your Greatness'

Prarthana Sibal - Why launch a B2B podcast

Laurie Gilbertson - Communicating & Presenting

Tim Fitzpatrick - Marketing shouldn't be difficult

Paul Hills - Zoom Sign Language

Nic Aguirre - Overcome Presenting Fear

Lisa McLeod - Selling with Noble Purpose

Reuben Swartz - Compelling Sales Proposals

John's Crazy Socks - Spreading Happiness

Brian Burkhart - Top Tips for Presenting

Sam Thiara - becoming a great presenter

Bimal Shah - 5 tips to Double your Sales

Mark Cox - 4 ways to get Better at Selling

Angela Mulrooney - Enhance your Linked In Profile

Swire Ho - Using promo products to grow sales

Maggie Pugesek - Improve your Phone Skills

Alex Goldfayn - Pick up the phone and sell

Scott Miller - Marketing Mess to Brand Success

Annemarie Cross - Personal Brand Strategy

David Roddick - Virtual v In-Person Differences

Shawn Rhodes - Bullet Proof Selling

Marco Torres - Offer Incentives not Discounts

Stormie Andrews - Worlds Best Buyer Persona System

Tyler Foley - Losing the fear of Public Speaking

Kurian Tharakan - relevant and communicable stories

Michael Reddington - become a better listener

Joey Donovan Guido - Marketing tips and ideas

EA Csolkovits - why Givers earn more than Takers

Pete Ryan - CoSell as a sales growth tool

Don Markland - The 4C's of Accountability

Doug Brown - Revenue Expansion

Swire Ho - Using promo products to grow sales

Alex Goldfayn - grow sales with 5 minute selling

Lisa McLeod - Selling with Noble Purpose

Catherine Dudmesh - Leadership after Lockdown

Joseph Fung - Tech Sales Training

Paul Hills - Zoom Sign Language

Chris Kenny - Big Ticket Selling techniques​

Nicolas Vandenberghe - Converting more Leads​

Brian Burkhart - Top Tips for Presenting

Claire Bosco-Scott - Mystery Shopping

Billy Keels - Top Tips for Sales Success

Kevin Urrutia - Sales and Social Media Tips

Steve Benson - Remote Selling Challenges

Paul Ross - Convincing Prospects to Buy

Adam Pearson - Positivity during lockdown

David Roddick - The future of B2B Sales

Andy Williams - Business Opportunities in Space