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Why a sales 'training day' no longer works...

Sales training has traditionally created an expectation that someone like me will breeze in for a half or full day at the end of which all those who took part will be transformed into ‘supersonic salespeople’ able to overcome objections, do loads of ‘up-selling’, convert all proposals into orders, turn all ‘cold calls’ into meetings, keep talking until someone says yes, ’close’ more deals etc…

Sound familiar?

And did it work for you?

Sure it will have had some impact but the only way it really works is for sales management to maintain the momentum created during the day.

And in my experience that doesn’t always happens within a couple of weeks the impact of the training day dilutes and the momentum wains.

Which is why I’ve changed my ‘training day’ model.

I now deliver sales ‘training days’ over three 90 minute fast paced sessions, a week part live via video link. Each programme has a follow up which includes a 30 minute 1:1 for each delegate on week 4 and a further 45 minutes with all the delegates on week 6.

All designed to maximise the impact the ‘sales training’ has and all for the same investment as the traditional single day! What more could you want for your team?

5 step 'CROPS' sales model

The new look training tackles the key skills 2021 sales person needs based on my 5 step ‘CROPS’ sales model

In addition to utilising the 5 step CROPS model success comes from:

  • Having the right Mindset to be successful
  • Acquiring Knowledge of all your products, services, marketplace and to a degree competitors
  • Displaying an Attitude customers warm to and appreciate

Within the model we focus on key skills and attributes all great sales people need:

  • People Rapport across all interactions and with all levels of people
  • Being Curious and Asking Better Questions
  • Listening (rather than talking)
  • Making it easy for the buyer to buy
  • Steering and nudging as opposed to pushing
  • Preparation and Practice techniques

Each programme is designed to ensure it delivers on the precise needs of your team and will:

  • energise, motivate and inspire your sales team
  • re-fresh and enhance their sales activity
  • show them how to generate sales without ‘selling’
  • challenge them to enhance their sales skills – including new customer connections, building relationships, spotting opportunities, creating winning proposals and pitches and gaining more orders.

So if you would like me to help up-skill, inspire and motivate your sales personnel whether they be full-time salespeople or those people responsible for sales I’m ready to make a real impact if you are.

Some example programmes:

Advanced Sales

For established sales teams who need re-energising, are seeking new ideas to generate sales growth and need challenging on their current sales activity and use of their sales time.

This will challenge experienced sales people to increase their conversion rate, grow revenues from existing customers and win more sales pitches.

Session One: Making Connections, Building Relationships, Creating Opportunities

Session Two: Creating Proposals, Delivering Sales Pitches, Following Up

Session Three: Winning Orders, Negotiating, Growing existing client spend

Professional Sales Programme

For professional companies – lawyers, accountants, property agents, architects, engineers etc… who don’t have dedicated sales personnel sales teams

The programme will focus on helping clients to buy, ensuring all incoming inquiries are recognised for the opportunity they offer, understanding how potential clients want to be handled, as well as creating and delivering business proposals.

Session One: Making Connections inc. Networking, Building Relationships

Session Two: Creating Opportunities – especially with existing clients. Creating ‘sales’ proposals and following up.

Session Three: Delivering ‘sales’ presentations or pitches, undertaking sales negotiations, offering additional services.

SME Sales Programme

For medium, small, micro and start up businesses who don’t have dedicated sales personnel sales teams but who want to be competent and confident in their approach to ‘sales’.

The programme will show delegates how to gain sales without ‘selling’, how to grow revenues from existing customers and how to use marketing to attract customers.

Session One: Making Connections inc. networking – driving potential customers to you through marketing activity and being helpful.

Session Two: Building relationships and from that creating opportunities.

Session Three: Creating and delivering ‘sales’ proposals, presentations or pitches- following up and winning orders.

Your investment includes:

Three 90 minute sessions for up to 6 delegates

3o minute 1:1 for each delegate

45 minute review session with delegates

45 minute review session with management

Top Tips’ summary for delegates

‘Momentum Maintaining’ summary for management

Programme Investment : £1475 + vat

WhaT to do next...

Let’s have a 20-30 minute Zoom call to discuss your needs
and check if I’m the right person for your team to work with…

Sales Skills Sessions

Designed to tackle specific skills to help your team achieve higher levels of sales success:

#1: Making Connections and Building Relationships
#2: Spotting, Creating and Acting upon Sales Opportunities
#3: Preparing and delivering Sales Proposals and Sales Pitches and following them up
#4: Negotiating and finalising – turning proposals into sales
#5: Customer Experience – what’s it like to be your customer?

Your Investment includes:

  • 90 minute session for up to 10 delegates
  • Total session time 135 minutes including break and intros…
  • 30 minute review session with management
  • 30 minute review session with delegates
  • ‘Top Tips’ summary for delegates
  • ‘Momentum Maintaining’ summary for management

Programme Investment : £770 + vat 

Sales Coaching

A programme offering one to one and small group virtual sales coaching for sales people and sales managers that will:

  • energise, enthuse, motivate and inspire you to become a better sales person
  • boost your confidence in all sales situations
  • challenge you to enhance your sales skills to enable greater sales success
  • help you accelerate towards your revenue goals
  • help you understand your key strengths and how to build on those to your advantage


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