Present yourself better on LinkedIn with Ann Carden

Have you ever thought how you could present yourself better on LinkedIn?

To make it work for you, rather than just be something that you occasionally refer to

How to Present yourself better on LinkedIn is the conversation I’m having on this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast with Strategic Business Growth Consultant and Marketing & Sales Coach Ann Carden who shares some great tips and ideas to help you present yourself better on LinkedIn

Ann is CEO of A. Carden Inc. and founder of the “Expert In You ” brand and programmes. She is a 3 x Author & #1 Int. Bestselling Author, Speaker, and podcast host of “EXPERT IN YOU.”

Here are some of Ann’s tips to help you present yourself better on LinkedIn:

Use your professional headline to be clear about what it is you offer, don’t have too many things on their or it will simply confuse people and your about section don’t write it like a Cv or resume write it so that those reading it can understand how you going to be helpful to them

Use the video behind your profile picture opportunity and under your headline there is an opportunity for a link to a website or a workshop you might be running

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