Make your Presentations More Memorable with Steve Weinberg

Make your Presentations More Memorable with Steve Weinberg

We all know that when we present or pitch whether at an event or a client or prospective client one of the biggest challenges is what happens next

Clearly if our presentation is memorable there’s a good chance that what happens next will be in our favour

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast experienced sales consultant Steve Weinberg shares five top tips to help make your presentations more memorable

And if you can make your presentations more memorable you increase your chances of achieving your desired outcomes. Here are Steve’s five top tips to Make your Presentations More Memorable:

  1. Be interesting, get your audience engaged in the conversation and place your most impactful content upfront
  2. Make sure that the buyer is speaking almost as much if not more than you. If your presentation is one way only your audience will start to switch off
  3. New stories to help people remember your content
  4. Visuals are going to be more memorable than words, so get rid of all those words and replace them with high-quality visuals
  5. Make the audience think – if you spoon-feed them everything they may not be engaging with you and therefore will easily forget your presentation

You can find Steve at where you can also find details of his book ‘Above Quota Performance’

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