John’s Crazy Socks – Spreading Happiness

Father and son Mark and John Cronin started John’s Crazy Socks at the end of 2016.

John has Down’s Syndrome but this hasn’t stopped him becoming a hugely successful and inspirational entrepreneur with a business that now employs 31 people, has received 29,000 5 star reviews, has 230,000 Facebook followers, has donated $450,000 to charity as well as $100,00 to the Special Olympics and has used its same-day shipping service to deliver 360,000 orders to 88 countries.

There mission: ‘Spreading Happiness’

Truly inspirational

John in his role as Chief Happiness Officer ensures that the mission of the business of ‘Spreading Happiness’ is achieved through a combination of a great selection, a great website, a great product (4000 choices) and a great service including a personalised note and candy with each order and where feasible personal delivery from John to the customer.

The business has been built on five pillars:

  • Inspiration and Hope – hiring and showing what people with differing abilities can do
  • Giving Back – 5% of earnings to charities
  • Socks you will love – 4000 to choose from
  • Making it personal – a personalised note from John and some candy with each order
  • Making it a great place to work – 31 people many with differing abilities now employed by the business

You are going to really enjoy listening to this podcast episode and I’m sure you will be inspired by the story of John’s crazy socks

I asked at the end of the podcast for John and Mark to share their three top tips for businesses:

  1. Know what you are about and have a purpose
  2. You have to believe
  3. Make the most of what you have

You can find John’s website here

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