How to launch a speaking career with Bret Ridgway

How to Launch a Speaking Career with Bret Ridgway

Can anyone in business launch a speaking career?

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast Bret Ridgway shares his experiences of going from the guy at the back of the room who was helping speakers sell products and services to showing people like you how to launch  a speaking career

Bret outlines three types of speaker:

Firstly the keynote speaker who is sharing their expertise in return for a fixed fee.

Secondly the platform seller speaker who speaks for free but makes money from using 15 to 20% of their time to promote their products and services.

Thirdly the smaller event speaker who by sharing valuable information aims to build their customer base by driving the audience towards them.

Three ideas for how to launch a speaking career

Bret’s two top tips for would-be speakers are:

Go for it

Have a service mindset – ‘what can I do for you?’ – using those relationships to trigger speaking opportunity conversations

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