become a better business presenter

In this episode I share 5 ways to help you become a better business presenter

If you become a better business presenter you will have more presentation success, which could well lead to more business revenues, and which in itself will increase your profile and maybe get you a bigger and better job!

So what are those five ways to help you become better business presenter:

Firstly prepare in advance – sounds obvious but so many people just don’t give enough thought to the preparation particularly around the audience they are going to be presenting to.

Secondly be prepared to practice and take it seriously when you do practice – if you do that you get a real feel for the content, flow and in particular the timing of your presentation.

Next up don’t let your slides dominate your presentation – a presentation is not about your slides it is about you the presenter – that’s who the audience are buying into not your slides.

Number four is learn from others – a great way to learn is to mimic people who do something better than you. So when you see a very good presenter in action next time mimic what they do when you next present.

And finally believe in yourself, you can do this! Lots of people avoid delivering business presentations through a lack of self belief and confidence – get the steps above right and they will give you the confidence to present.

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