5 things to throw on the Presentation Bonfire

This episode goes out around  the time of Bonfire Night in the UK – so I’m sharing 5 things to throw onto the presentation bonfire.

5 things to throw on the Presentation Bonfire:

  1. The all about me start – The first thing you need to do when presenting is engage your audience and that’s not easy if all you do at the beginning is talk about yourself, your company, the awards you’ve won etc…
  2. Complex and marketing templates slides – Your audience doesn’t want complicated slides that are full of content, images, sentences, jargon and neither do you as the presenter and likewise don’t clutter your slides with some sort of marketing type template that you use on every slide – people won’t forget who you are between slides.
  3. Big notes – you don’t need them unless you don’t know your subject at all and you haven’t thought about any sort of rehearsal – instead do use postcard sized prompt notes with a one word prompt per slide.
  4. Long Q&A answers –  presenters get very excited when someone asks them a question during the Q&A to the extent that they spend far too long answering it – don’t do that otherwise you limit the number of other questions you will be asked, some of which may be far more interesting and relevant.
  5. The all about me proposal follow-up –  there’s a good chance that if you’re delivering a presentation or pitch you will follow it up with some sort of written proposal – if you do make sure that your proposal doesn’t spend the first few pages talking again about you, your company, your great products and services etc… as with the start of your presentation make sure you immediately focus on and therefore engage with your audience.

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