44@60 MasterClass 2 - Deliver Better Virtual Presentations

Being better, more confident and more successful at delivering virtual presentations whether that be in meetings, during briefings, at events or within internal teams is not something that is about to end. It has become clear that virtual presenting skills are now hugely important as individuals and organisations look to not only keep up with their customers expectations but also stay ahead of their competitors.

This Masterclass will help you deliver better, more successful, more confident virtual presentations in any environment including:

  • Client Meetings
  • Potential Client Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Product / Service Demos
  • Investor Briefings
  • Speaking at Events

A presentation is a golden opportunity to:

  • Win Orders
  • Raise Profile
  • Inspire & Motivate
  • Share Expertise
  • Stay ahead of Competition
  • Attract Investment

The Masterclass will focus on helping you when presenting virtually engage, educate and enthuse your audience.

It will be 60 high energy minutes packed full of tips and ideas. Each delegate will receive a mini e-book, a copy of the slides and a recording of the masterclass.

The entire £44 fee will be donated to Trevor’s 44@60 campaign which includes running  the 44 mile ‘Classic Quarter’ along the Cornish Coastal Path in May and raising £100 / mile for Music Therapy Sessions delivered by Children’s Hospice South West

And as a bonus every delegate will have the opportunity to win a 1:1 business coaching programme with Trevor – worth around £300

This masterclass is scheduled to run on:

To book and pay for your place simply click on the date above
If you are a company and wish to book several places across the Masterclass series please contact Trevor via trevor@trevorleemedia.co.uk and he will arrange a single invoice to cover all your places.


You will have a great 60 minutes and leave with lots of ideas!

Here’s a PDF download – any sharing of this would be much appreciated: Better Virtual Presentations PDF